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25 June 1977
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Kyle, known as possibly the biggest man whore in Sol-Falena, can back up his surfer boy good looks with an easy going attitude and excellent swordsmanship. In the course of the war for the Sun Rune, he discovered an aptitude for using the Water Rune for healing. Though Kyle is free with his affections, he's always charming and does know when to back off when the ladies say no. He's forever got a soft spot for Sialeeds, however, despite her turning on their side. Unlike a few others of Falena's finest, Kyle never had any doubts about the Prince, escaping from Sol-Falena as soon as he could to join the Prince's army. After the end of the war, Kyle retired from the guard, a little shaken by his experiences and decided to travel abroad. Little did he know that asking Viki to show him a likely vacation spot would involve zipping through time...